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Economist Vytenis Šimkus: how much might Brexit cost Lithuania?

The mists over the future of UK – EU relations currently still lingers. It appears that Theresa May’s cabinet is starting to completely lose control of the situation. According to political experts, the agreement she has obtained has practically no chance of receiving support in the UK’s House of Commons. The European Court of Justice introduced even more uncertainty on Monday, by declaring that the UK can unilaterally cancel the Brexit process, economist Vytenis Šimkus writes on Currently all the scenarios are plausible, but what could each of them means for the Lithuanian economy? […]

Ramūnas Bogdanas

Ramūnas Bogdanas. You‘re angry the president didn‘t congratulate V. Putin?

A week ago, Russia featured a spectacle, which was called elections, after which the Lithuanian president did not congratulate Vladimir Putin with his continued reign. There is no obligatory rule in international protocol to greet […]


What to watch in Lithuania’s politics, culture, society in 2018

Here are some of the major events to watch for in Lithuania’s politics, culture and society in 2018: […]


Can Lithuania benefit from improved relations between the US and the UK or China and Germany?

Strengthened relations between the USA and the UK suit our interests because Theresa May is highly supportive of NATO and urges Donald Trump to be wary of Vladimir Putin, commentators tell „Of course this […]

Lithuanians gathering in Peterborough, UK
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President – Lithuania won’t abandon citizens in Britain

Lithuania will not abandon its citizens living in the United Kingdom in the Brexit negotiations, President Dalia Grybauskaitė said at a meeting with Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May in Brussels on Thursday. […]