Vladimir Putin

Russian politics in Putin’s new term

Russian President Vladimir Putin is the great survivor of European politics. Western leaders come and go, but Putin has persisted. He has managed to hold on to power for nearly two decades, through three foreign wars, two economic crises, multiple presidential and parliamentary elections (of varying degrees of fairness), a series of leadership reshuffles, the rise and fall of oil prices, and successive waves of economic sanctions. […]


Austrians’ advice to Lithuania: don’t’ turn a town into a village and vice versa

Flying taxi “skyport”, the Hyperloop or maglev trains – perhaps these inventions will change Lithuanian landscape and infrastructure over the coming decades. Foreign professionals warn that the way we turn into will depend not only on the experts’ insights, but also on public opinion and suggestions. The preparation of the first stage – the real situation – of the Comprehensive Plan of the Territory of the Republic of Lithuania has been completed. Considering the presented conclusions, the Ministry of Environment together with the team of experts will prepare the Comprehensive Plan of the territory of the country and will draw a new long-term vision of the country. […]

Finish flag

Finland’s Supermetrics to set up office in Vilnius

Founded in Helsinki in 2013, Supermetrics is a rapidly growing marketing technology company and a leader in its category. It pulls data from various marketing platforms into one single location, making it easy for marketers to report, monitor and analyze the performance of their marketing campaigns. The company is set to open its first office outside Finland this month in Vilnius, with plans to hire between 50-100 people in the next three years. Job ads can be accessed on the Work in Lithuania platform, Invest Lithuania informed in a press release. […]

National Threat Assessment 2019

State Security Department presents its annual report

Lithuania’s intelligence bodies presented its annual in which it warned of increasing activity by China’s intelligence and security services in Lithuania. […]

Alexander Vershbow

European Defense: Time for a Higher Level of Ambition

President Donald Trump’s address to the UN General Assembly in September 2018 was a fresh reminder of the United States’ abdication of leadership and rejection of “globalism.” On more and more issues – trade, climate change, the International Criminal Court and, most recently, the Iran nuclear deal – the United States is becoming increasingly estranged from its traditional allies and partners. […]

Happy Lithuanians

Lithuanian residents are happier

A survey of the emotional climate in Lithuania has shown that residents of the country feel much happier. As many as 70 per cent of residents of Lithuania consider themselves happy. The findings of the monitoring of the emotional condition of Lithuania that has been carried out since 2008 by the Human Study Centre show an overall improvement of the emotional climate in Lithuania. […]


Lithuania’s Fintech sector grows 45% in 2018

2018 was another hugely successful year for Fintech in Lithuania and saw the country cement its status as one of Europe’s leading Fintech hubs. The sector expanded by 45% and saw big names in the industry like Revolut and Google receive licences from the Bank of Lithuania. […]