23 parties to contend in Lithuania’s 2015 municipal elections

DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

The lists of candidates will have to be submitted to municipal electoral commissions by 5 PM, 15 January 2015.

Between 1 October and 6 December 24 political parties and 58 public election committees have registered as independent participants of the political campaign. However, Lithuania’s Christian Democracy party (Lietuvos krikščioniškosios demokratijos partija) has not submitted an application to participate in elections in at least one municipality, leaving 23 parties in the upcoming election.

According to the VRK, it is likely that parties and election committees will submit nearly 500 lists with 14,000-15,000 candidates. The VRK also expects that 500 mayoral candidates will register for the elections.

Parties that will contend in all 60 municipalities include: the Liberal Movement, the Social Democratic Party and the Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats.

The Labour Party and the Order and Justice party will participate in elections in 58 municipalities, Lithuanian Peasant and Greens Union – in 52, Lithuanian Liberty Union (liberals) – in 32 and the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania in – 13 municipalities. The remaining fifteen political parties will put forward their candidates’ lists in one to seven municipalities.

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