23 parties to run in Seimas elections this year

DELFI / Mindaugas Ažušilis

The Political Parties‘ Act provides that all political parties must submit member lists to the Ministry by March 1 and by October 1 each year. The amendment to the Law on Political Parties that came into force last year also states that a political party must at least have 2,000 members (previously, the cutoff was 1,000 members).

Currently, there are 38 parties registered in Lithuania, but one of them is currently being liquidated.

As of 1 March, more than 122,000 Lithuanian citizens were members of political parties. This is up from about 119,000 last year. The largest numbers of members belong to the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party (21,446), the Labour Party (21,308), the Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats (14,799), the Order and Justice party (13,039) and the Lithuanian Liberal Movement (7,674).


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