3,000 dairy farmers to protest in Vilnius

“The situation in the dairy farming sector is disconcerting and unless we take resolute and fair measures, there might not be a dairy farming sector to speak about tomorrow,” said Andriejus Stančikas, chairman of the Chamber of Agriculture, on Wednesday, ELTA reports.

He said that some 3,000 farmers from across the country will take part in the protest rally on March 30, some of them are planning to bring cows to Vilnius.

Lithuanian farmers have been struggling as a global milk glut has caused milk prices to collapse.

Dairy farmers demand €76 million in compensation to cover losses they sustained in 2015.

They also complain that the Ministry of Agriculture is not doing everything possible to help farmers.

The European Commission recently denied a request for €75 million in support for Lithuanian dairy farmers submitted by Lithuanian Minister of Agriculture Virginija Baltraitienė.

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