8 percent in Lithuania approve of Crimea annexation, poll shows


According to the survey carried out by the Vilmorus pollster, 5.3 percent of respondents said they viewed the Crimean annexation by Russia positively light and 2.6 percent said they viewed it very positively. Meanwhile, 11 percent said it was something negative and 52 percent listed it as very negative. Another 14 percent of those polled did not have an opinion on the matter.

Ainė Ramonaitė, a professor at Vilnius University’s International Relations and Political Sciences Institute who presented the survey, said that more than half of the 8 percent who see the Crimean annexation as a positive thing were Lithuanian-speakers. Based on the survey results, she added that the annexation was welcomed by those who also thought that life in the Soviet era was better.

The survey of 1,000 residents of Lithuania between ages of 15 and 75 was carried out on 7-16 November 2014.

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