A second Brexit: Iceland knock England out of Euros

Iceland beat England in Euros

England took an early lead with a penalty from Wayne Rooney but Iceland hit back within two minutes with a goal from Ragnar Sigurdsson, and Iceland took the lead after 20 minutes with a well-worked goal from Kolbeinn Sigthorsson.

The result provoked huge reaction around the world and on Twitter where some England fans wondered whether the loss was part of a broader strategy by England to ensure access to the European Economic Area after the vote by the British electorate to exit the EU.

Iceland had been confident going into the match, with an Icelandic professor telling BBC world Service yesterday morning that the only Brexit Icelanders were talking about was the one that was coming in the match against England in the European Championships.

England coach Roy Hodgson has resigned but despite England’s deficiencies, Iceland were well worth their win, with a courageous performance that mimicked those the Icelanders produced in their group to take five points.

Iceland will have no fears of facing France, the hosts in the quarter-finals, while England are left to mull a second Brexit from Europe in five days.

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