David Cameron
European Union

Britain votes to leave EU sparking global turmoil

Britain has voted to leave the European Union by a margin of 52% to 48% leading British Prime Minister to announce his resignation and sending the world’s financial markets into free-fall. […]

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Cuban missile crisis-style stand-off in Baltic States a real possibility – former US Defense Secretary

Former US secretary of Defence William Perry has said that Russia and the US blundering into a Cuban missile crisis type confrontation in the Baltic States was a live possibility. […]

Photo: Chačapuri

A little taste of Khachapuri heaven

Hidden away in a ground floor basement near Vilnius train station is a little taste of what could be Khachapuri heaven. […]

Police operation in Brussels
Foreign affairs

Brussels bombings: 10 arrested across three countries

Police across Europe have stepped up their efforts to prevent further ISIS attacks in European cities after the Brussels bombings, with 10 more suspects arrested in Belgium, Germany and France. […]