Ambassador’s wife Sarah Hunt: All Lithuanian women should have access to the best available treatment

Sarah Hunt
Organizatorių archyvas

When asked why she devotes her time and effort to help solving health problems of the Lithuanian women, Sarah, a former IWAV chairwoman, says that she is in a very privileged position to be able to spend her time on charity work. To her, it‘s clear a lot of people in Lithuania – men, women and children – have significant hardships and needs.

“In the case of breast cancer, it is true women all over the world are affected by this disease,” said Sarah. “However there are big differences in the availability of early diagnosis and treatment – these can have a big impact on survival rates.

“Being a mother, I feel a particular affinity with women and children, and finding ways to help in these areas always appeals to me,” continued Sarah. “I would like all Lithuanian women to have access to the best possible treatment for any illness they may suffer from.”

The 2015 Blossom of Hope event will be held for the seventh time on May 30 in Vilnius.

The objective of the event is to improve the chance of detecting breast cancer in its early stages, and provide on-going support to women fighting the disease.

Proceeds from this year’s event will be donated to purchasing equipment that assists with the early detection of breast cancer. Funds raised will also be spent on buying biopsy needles that make the treatment easier, and will be donated to oncology hospitals in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai.

“Breast cancer is already a very common disease and unfortunately it’s becoming more common,” continued Sarah. “I would like to see some of the fear and anxiety taken away from the idea of it, and I hope that we can help achieve this by providing hospitals in Lithuania with extra medical supplies for its diagnosis and treatment.”

“By supporting IWAV’s Blossom of Hope initiative and buying wonderful items from our auctions, our guests will be helping us to help women across Lithuania,“ she concluded.

Beata Nicholson, a well-known TV chef and presenter, has also taken part in Blossom of Hope since 2013, and said she participates in the charity auction because she believes women should support each other.

“In fact they understand each other better, and big and important things can develop from a strong partnership among women,” said Beata.

“The Blossom of Hope is a wonderful event, and I know how much effort and energy it takes to organize this initiative.

“All these women do this for other women and choose to give their time for this worthy cause even though they could live a comfortable life and not bother about anyone else.

“I know those biopsy needles really reach those who need them,” she continued. “Early diagnostics is one of the most important factors in order to save the lives of those who are faced with cancer.”

“Therefore, it is with great pleasure I donate prizes, and this year I have donated a culinary evening at my studio.”

There will be two auctions at the Blossom of Hope event, one silent, one traditional.

During both auctions, guests will have the chance to buy recreational packages at luxury hotels in Budapest, Rome, as well as in Lithuania’s neighbouring Baltic States, Latvia and Estonia. They will also be able to bid on jewellery, paintings and other valuable items.

The event program will also include live music performances by Erica Jennings and Victor Diawara with the NO DJs Project. Artūras Novikas’ vocal jazz group, Jazz Island, will also be playing. The theme of this year‘s event is the charisma and the elegance of the James Bond films.

Each year the event attracts around 150 attendees, and over the last six years, IWAV has spent €82,000 on the purchase of medicine and equipment to help fight breast cancer.

More information on the Blossom of Hope event is available at

IWAV is a non-profit, charitable organisation uniting international women in helping disadvantaged groups in Lithuania. This month, IWAV is pleased to be celebrating its 17th anniversary. The main charity events of the association are Blossom of Hope and International Christmas Charity Bazaar in Vilnius.

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