Amendments to Law on Companies proposed in Lithuania due to euro adoption

DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

In addition to that, it is proposed to establish the value of the authorised capital and the nominal value of securities in the euro for the companies which are yet to be founded.

Three draft laws prepared by the Ministry of Economy will be considered at the nearest Government meeting. The ministry has proposed that a simple majority of votes at the general shareholders’ meeting would be sufficient enough to replace the articles of association. Entities would have to replace the articles of association in two years. Companies that change the articles of association only due to the introduction of the new currency and supply the information electronically to the administrator of the Register of Legal Entities would be relieved of the registration fee.

Next, amendments to the Law on Companies propose to establish the authorised capital at EUR 40,000 for public limited liability companies and EUR 2,500 for private limited liability companies. The nominal value of securities would be expressed in the euro to the nearest cent. If it is determined that the authorised capital is lower than stipulated by law it is proposed to liquidate such company on the imitative of the Register of Legal Entities.

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