Lithuanian parliament adopts 360 laws in autumn session

The Seimas of Lithuania has closed its fifth ordinary autumn session with 45 plenary sittings held from 10 September to 23 December and around 360 laws, 65 resolutions and 5 other legal acts adopted, the press service of the Seimas said. […]


Opinion: Is international law really a law?

Although international law as a concept of general principles and customs has been known for centuries, reaching as back as Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome, discussions concerning its existence and common application reached its apogee only in the 20th century; however, neither the theoretical discussions, nor practical events managed to provide a definite answer to the most fundamental question, which is still being considered now at the time of unprecedented Russian aggression towards Ukraine and in the light of continuous conflicts in the Middle East: is international law, per se, real law? […]

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Lithuania’s immigration reform scares away investors, but attracts local employers

On 26 June 2014, the Republic of Lithuania Law on the Legal Status of Aliens was revised with amendments. The purpose of these amendments is to get rid of bureaucratic barriers that hinder the employment of foreign specialists of high professional qualification in Lithuania. At the same time, the amendments seek to limit the establishment of fictitious companies that are set up with the aim of obtaining permits to temporarily reside in the country. […]

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How to recover a debt from a foreign debtor?

International freight transportation and international trade in general is a great environment for unfair debtors to prosper. A lack of knowledge about international debt recovery is one of the main reasons why debts accumulate. […]