Another 11 refugees relocated to Lithuania

Refugees at the Rukla refugees centre
DELFI (E.Digrytės nuotr.)

“I can confirm that another 11 refugees landed in Vilnius,” Interior Minister Tomas Žilinskas told BNS.

The newcomer group includes two families. One of the families consists of Syrian spouses, 36 and 30, and their five underage children. The father used to work as a blacksmith, while the mother was a housewife.

The Iraqi family consists of parents, 30 and 28, and their two small children. The father has worked as an electrician, while the mother was an elementary teacher.

Including the latest arrivals, Lithuania has accepted 172 refugees under the EU program by now. The country has less than a year to meet its commitment to the EU to receive another nearly 1,000 refugees.

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