Trakai castle. Photo courtesy of Rowe Lovers

Bicyclist couple begins 5,000km off-grid tour of Europe by swinging through Lithuania

Two years ago, Polish PR and marketing manager Marta Hopfer and French graphic designer Jean-Nicolas Gilles decided they needed a change, and so they planned a 5,000 km, off-the-grid bicycle trip around Europe. Starting from Poland, one of their first stops was in Lithuania, where Marta agreed to talk to the Lithuania Tribune about their adventure and what they had seen so far. […]

Tymo market

Beloved farmers’ markets in Vilnius face stiff competition

Vilnius’ marketplaces are beloved by both visitors and locals alike as a source of quality organic food products with prices that can often be haggled over with the farmers that grew them. Interest in organic and farm fresh products is growing fast but so too is competition for the attention of consumers, making the future of the small businesses and individual farmers that fill Vilnius’ farmers’ markets anything but certain. […]