Dovilė Jakniūnaitė

No Good End in Sight: The Crumbling Iran Nuclear Deal

In May of 2018, United States President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), colloquially known as the Iran nuclear deal. This deal was one of Barack Obama’s biggest achievements in international politics, with many experts and policy actors widely endorsing and backing the agreement. Thus, Trump’s decision, although not totally unexpected, was met with disapproval not only in Iran, but also by other parties to the agreement, including Germany, U.K, France, Russia, and China. The U.S. withdrawal raises a lot of questions about the future of Iran, nuclear non-proliferation, as well as regional and international security. […]

Russian forces in South Ossetia

Opinion: A new test from Russia

A couple of days ago, on 10 July, news came that two new border signs sprang up in Georgia, declaring that here begins the “border of South Ossetia“. One of the signs moved about 300 metres from its original position into the zone controlled by Tbilisi, the other sign progressed forwards by about a kilometre. The new marking took away about ten hectares of territory from Georgia. […]