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Opinion: Breaking free from Gazprom is of political and economic benefit

Russian intervention in Ukraine has refocused the attention on the traditional military and security challenges, but the factors that made it possible for today’s Russian attempts to revise the European security architecture should not be forgotten. Primarily, this was the result of the processes in the energy sector that go forward only because of reasoned calls of a part of intellectuals for Europe to stop funding of Vladimir Putin’s regime. […]

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Vladimir Putin’s pyramid of rule: Who really governs Russia?

In Lithuania and in the West, Putin’s system of rule is still often described as a monolith pyramid. In the eyes of society, Putin manages to present himself as an irreplaceable leader-statesman (‘tsar’, according to the West), solely making key decisions. But such an understanding of ruling processes in Russia is one of the main mistakes which prevents from obtaining a deeper insight into the regime’s origins and foundations. […]