Lithuania continues to lose population due to migration

In 2013, international net migration remained negative in Lithuania as the number of emigrants exceeded that of immigrants by 16,800. […]

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Competing interests threaten Baltic pressure on Russia

With the September 30 review of EU sanctions against Russia approaching, the Baltic states are among several countries interested in maintaining the pressure on Moscow for its role in the Ukraine crisis. However, Baltic nations are also operating under significant constraints, including the region’s economic ties to Russia and the competing interests of larger EU countries that want to improve relations with Moscow. […]

Vytenis Andriukaitis
European Union

Lithuania’s EC nominee Andriukaitis tells EP he will seek to attract more investment in health

Vytenis Andriukaitis, the Lithuanian nominee for the health and food safety portfolio in the new European Commission, says that as a commissioner he will encourage the EU’s most powerful member states to invest more in health and will work on the tobacco and cross-border healthcare directives and GMO regulation. […]

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Opinion: Common security challenges and risks in the EU-Ukraine relations

Starting from the beginning of 2014, both the EU and Ukraine have been facing many common challenges related to their respective border, energy and defense security. […]

Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin

Moscow’s plan to decoy the West

Moscow seems to be making effort to patch up its relations with the West after a fall-out over Ukraine by trying to refocus attention away from Eastern Europe and onto the Middle East. Experts say, however, that the trick might not work. […]