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Barclays leaves Lithuania, but only half the staff will lose their jobs

Changes in the Lithuanian office of the UK-based Barclays bank. The company has declared that it is transferring its activities to HCL Technologies, to which it will be transferring around half of its staff. […]


Trade war pushes to think of a plan B

Lithuanian exporters are watching the impending trade war between the United States and Europe with concern. So far, the largest threat has arisen to the makers of European car parts, however the unpredictable Donald Trump […]


Lithuanian trade with Russia is recovering – first place goes to cider

Having grown rapidly in 2017, export flows to Russia will continue to rise this year, however they will likely not yet reach the same level as in 2013. The Russian market is making up an […]

#Blockchain by Mantas Bartaševičius

Blockchain – revolutionary innovation that will help us in everyday lives

Blockchain could be used in car markets – then drivers should not rely solely on the seller’s persuasions, as they could see the whole history of the car they are going to buy in a decentralized network, says adviser to the Board of the Bank of Lithuania Ekaterina Govina. She and the director of Blockchain Centre Vilnius Eglė Nemeikštytė told about the practical uses of the promising technology that has been recently enjoying much attention. […]

Belarus' nuclear power plant under construction in Astravyets

The story of the birth of the Astravyets nuclear power plant

Exceptionally few human decisions will lead to consequences measured in a dozen thousand or a hundred thousand years, which is the time to be needed for radioactive waste from the Astravyets Nuclear Power Plant to decay before it reaches the level of naturally-occurring background radiation and will not pose threat to living organisms. […]