Russia's Duma

Putin’s Russia – can hitting rock bottom destroy the system?

The election of the Russian Duma was a paradox. On the one hand, fourteen parties were on the list; only seven parties were permitted to run five years ago. Ela Pamfilova, considered to be a liberal, has replaced an old associate of Vladimir Putin, Vladimir Churov as the Chairwoman of the Central Election Commission and PARNAS (People’s Freedom Party). Other opposition parties’ representatives have openly criticized the President live, on national television. […]

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Opinion: War as a chance for Ukraine to become a normal state

Ukraine’s social order, characterized by limited access, has been an obstacle in the country’s attempts to create democracy and market economy during its entire post-soviet history. Recent Russian military aggression changed the balance of power within the country and opened a window of opportunity for Ukraine to transform itself from a limited access to open access order. Whether Ukraine will use this opportunity depends on relationship between the president and oligarchs. […]