Linas Kojala

The role of Lithuania in Eastern Partnership Policy

The Eastern partnership policy, a cornerstone of the European Union in terms of developing relationships with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, will soon celebrate its first decade of operation. From its inception, it has been based both on values (strengthening democracy at the side of the EU) and pragmatic interests (strategic stability, development of economic relations). […]

Vladimir Putin visit to Crimea

Putin‘s Russia: As Income drops leaders’ popularity grows

It‘s a country where the average annual salary has dropped by almost a tenth and is now on not much more than 400 euro (compared with Lithuania where it just passed the 600 Euro mark). It‘s a country where the average pension is around 179 Euro – practically one third lower than in Lithuania). It‘s a country where ministries forecast increased economic stagnation for the next two years while the President’s office states that nobody is any the wiser. […]

Maidano metinės

Opinion: It is now or never that Ukraine will slip out of Russia’s grip

While Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was pompously comparing the “victory” of the Crimea annexation to the fall of Berlin Wall and people of the occupied Luhansk region were being told to work for a loaf of bread, Ukraine started off on the tough road of reform that will determine the future of the country. […]