Russian Ambassador Alexander Udaltsov

Russian ambassador: Lithuania owes Russia 72 billion US dollars

After another May passed placing a flower crown placed near the monument commemorating those that had perished during Lithuania’s road to freedom, with the before mentioned action the Russian ambassador to Lithuania Alexander Udaltsov raised quite a few eyebrows: could the denier of Lithuania’s occupation, Moscow have changed its mind and is finally admitting the historic fact with all of its potential consequences? The newest interview with the Russian Ambassador to Lithuania dispelled such hopes. […]

Jevgenijus Denisovas at Nemenčinė forest

ARAS warning after Nemenčinė incident: don’t play war games in Lithuanian forests

Sunday morning at the Nemenčinė forest, a 12-person group gathers. It could be noted that some men are wearing the Russian model masked uniforms and are armed with the Russian machine guns. After getting signals from worried citizens, the police responds immediately, anti-terrorist operations team ARAS fighters come and detain potentially dangerous individuals. […]

Audrius Lelkaitis ir Mantas Adomėnas

Bold journalistic experiment with Russian TV propaganda channel left a bitter taste in mouth

The border is crossed by masked men in camouflage uniforms, the first wall of the border gives up without a fight. This is how Ala Davidova, a reporter of the Kremlin-controlled channel NTV, begins her […]

Lieutenant Colonel Christoph Huber, the commander of the NATO battalion

Another information attack against NATO troops in Lithuania – German battalion leader in the crosshair

Yet another information attack has been launched against the German led international battalion stationed in Lithuania. Members of the Seimas Committee of National Security and Defence (NSGK) received letters presenting yet another fraudulent story – supposedly the head of the NATO contingent, Lt. Col. Christoph Huber is a Russian agent. […]

Trump and Mattis

Two signals from Donald Trump to the Baltics that Russia won’t like

After Donald Trump was elected President of the United States there were numerous concerns that the new master of the White House will be inclined toward pro-Russian policy – financial links to Moscow and the Kremlin’s praise to the President Elect were concerning. However D. Trump’s statement and decisions show that Russia celebrated too early and could be greatly disappointed. […]