Alexei Venediktov and Vladimir Putin

Famous independent Russian journalist speaks out about media landscape in Russia

Alexei Venediktov, the editor-in-chief of the Echo Moskvy radio station in Russia, spoke to Delfi about the Russian media landscape and about plummeting trust in Russian media. […]

Carlos Levenstein
Global LT

Brazilian man with Lithuanian roots charges businesses for his consultations – unless they’re Lithuanian

If you met Carlos Levenstein in Sao Paulo, Brazil, you might not believe that he carries a Lithuanian passport. But this Brazilian man, who has loved pickles and black bread since he was a child, does what he can to support his Lithuanian roots. He regrets not knowing Lithuanian, so he makes up for it by helping Lithuanian businesses enter the South American market. […]

Refugees in Rotterdam

Opinion: Let’s learn from others’ mistakes on refugee integration

“We’re taking 1,105 refugees only and no more. We’ll house them in closed off areas and then ask them to leave. That’s how Lithuania will resist the EU ‘Diktat’, defend its sovereignty and avoid the trouble plaguing Europe”. That’s the talk of certain politicians who have remained silent about the fact that, in recent years, the number of foreigners has risen sharply without a single refugee having been accepted and with immigration challenges still to be faced. […]

Romas Sadauskas-Kvietkevičius

Opinion: Let’s not rush to equate referendum supporters with enemies of state

Since a week ago, welcoming political maturity in our state, I wrote that one of the evidence thereof would become an unsuccessful referendum on the restriction of right to dispose of property and other stupid questions, now I could feel like the Old Testament prophet who sent the knowledge to his people received from the above. Moreover, I do not need to shave the beard which I promised to donate publicly in the social network Facebook in case of referendum success. […]

Jon Baldvin Hannibalsson, photo by Bogdanas

Hannibalsson: “Lithuania has gone way beyond my expectations”

Jon Baldvin Hannibalsson was the foreign minister of Iceland in 1988-95. Under his leadership, Iceland was the first country to recognize the restored independence of Lithuania. Already since March, 1990, Hannibalsson was one of the main supporters of Lithuanian freedom on the international scene. In January, 1991, despite the displayed discontent of the USSR, he became the only minister of a NATO country to come to Vilnius and to express solidarity with Lithuania during the Soviet aggression. […]

Song Festival 2014
Global LT

Organizers of Song Festival 2014 rejoice at returning new wave of dancing and singing emigrants

On Wednesday, July 2, Vilnius city filled up with jolly uproar – tens of thousands of performers from Lithuania and 14th foreign countries ready to present the beauty of Lithuanian songs and dances will gather here. The organizers of the event note that each song festival enjoys growing attention of emigrants. More and more fellow-countrymen want to contribute to this event every year. […]

Dalia Leinartė

Shall we live in a Eurasian empire of woman haters?

Vladimir Putin, Russian politicians and some intellectuals keep talking about the “Russian world” and readiness of the country’s armed forces to defend the Russian population in any country. It is worth remembering that before the Bosnian war (1992-1995) and the mass killings of Bosnian Muslims and Croats, Radovan Karadžić also spoke of Serbia’s interests not only in countries with the Serb minority, but also in those with only Serbian graves […]

Radoslaw Sikorski

Why Sikorski is more useful in Brussels than in Warsaw?

Now that Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski is mired in a phone-tapping scandal, political editors say that he could have been more beneficial in the European Union (EU) Foreign Policy chief post instead of in Polish Foreign Ministry […]