“Your driving is great" - This radar speed sign in Vilnius

New speed sign to dispense praise and criticism to Vilnius drivers

“Your driving is great,” “Thank you for driving safely”- these are the compliments greeting drivers in Vilnius on Šiltnamių street near Lazdynų hospital. These messages are delivered by a new radar speed sign installed by the If insurance company and the Vilnius city municipality. […]


70 percent of Vilnius taxis involved in €2 million fraud case

On Monday, 22 Vilnius taxi companies and 27 individuals were named in a case involving allegations of corruption among Vilnius’ tax companies, which prosecutors believe have hidden millions in taxes from the government. […]

From an exhibit on the Roma in the Holocaust

Genocide research centre may publish list of suspected Lithuanian Holocaust collaborators

The Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania (LGGRTC) has announced that it may publish a list of individuals who had worked in police institutions during the Nazi occupation of Europe. This would amount to a list of individuals who may have contributed to the Holocaust in Lithuania, though it would not be clear in what capacity they may have collaborated. […]

Protesters in front of the Norwegian embassy in Vilnius

Protest at Norwegian embassy accuses children’s rights service of stealing children

On Thursday, a protest held in front of the Norwegian embassy in Vilnius drew attention to what participants referred to as the theft of children by Barnevernet, the Norwegian children’s rights service. […]


600 new military volunteers ahead of draft list publication on Monday

On Monday, the latest list of Lithuanian men selected for the draft will be published. Though the list will include 3,000 men, 600 have already volunteered to fill those positions. Minister of National Defence Juozas Olekas expressed his hope that, in 2016, the Lithuanian military’s draft requirements will once again be met by volunteers. […]