New speed sign to dispense praise and criticism to Vilnius drivers

“Your driving is great" - This radar speed sign in Vilnius
Vilniaus miesto savivaldybės nuotr.

“There are many places in the capital where traffic safety could be improved, so the involvement of businesses can help speed up the solution of these problems,”said deputy Vilnius mayor Linas Kvedaravičius.

According to a press release from the Vilnius city municipality, the location of the new sign was chosen by a vote on the If insurance company’s Facebook page. More than 700 people participated in the vote.

Other phrases used by the sign include “Your speed is dangerous” and “You are putting children at risk.”

“Breaking the speed limit on city streets is one of the biggest problems, and it causes many painful incidents every year, so we must always talk about this problem and look for ways to discipline drivers and encourage them to drive more safely,” said If transport damage director Dominykas Trimonis.

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