Alma Vaitkunskienė

Vaitkunskienė stays as director of Vilnius administration

Alma Vaitkunskienė keeps her job as director of the Vilnius administration after surviving a vote on her dismissal in the city’s council on Wednesday. […]


Moscow House construction in Vilnius stalling despite push from Russia

Moscow is looking for contractors to finish building Moscow House in Vilnius. The project, which started in 2008, but has stalled since then, has not been enthusiastically met by the administration of the Lithuanian capital city. […]


Vilnius buses to get free public WiFi

The Vilnius municipal government has promised, by the end of the year, to outfit new buses with video cameras, air conditioners, WiFi and SOS buttons in the driver’s compartment. The municipality will soon announce a public tender that will allow a private provider to integrate into the public transportation system to provide these services. […]