Vilnius to host biggest Bitcoin conference in Baltics

The conference is organized by the venture capital fund Nextury Ventures together with the Vilnius City Municipality.

“The latest financial technology, the challenges and opportunities, present and future threats and security issues are today among the most urgent and the hottest topics in the world. All new technologies have both advantages and risks,” said Ilya Laursas, Chairman of the Board at Nextury Ventures.

“The Conference will bring together world leaders in this field as well as experts who will have an excellent opportunity to discuss with the participants on how Lithuania could become an innovation leader in the financial technology and reap the positive potential, while ensuring security,”

One of the keynote speakers – Bitcoin Foundation founder and director Jon Matonis said that Lithuania‘s potential in new financial technologies is huge on a global scale.

“Right now, the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem is going through land sharing, I mean that the process is just beginning and is gaining momentum, so at this moment there is a struggle for positions and the leaders have not yet emerged. Those countries and companies that will use these monetary developments wisely will win. The open approach to cryptocurrency regulation will push these markets to unprecedented heights,” said Matonis.

“First of all, the development of strong businesses in the cryptocurrency ecosystem can promote economic growth and create jobs in the IT. It is important that Lithuania could become a leader in developing an international digital/cryptologic financial centre in the Baltic countries,” said Matonis.

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