Bastys: it is a pity that I do not remember a warning specifically

Mindaugas Bastys
DELFI / Domantas Pipas

“The representative of Social Democratic group Mindaugas Bastys by maintaining close and regular contact with the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom: representatives acted against the interests of Lithuania “- said Chairman of the National Security and Defence (NSGK), who conducted a specific study. Also, close M. Bastys relationships with former and current Russian Federation intelligence and the security officials and journalists that are close to the Kremlin, as well as former and current representatives of the criminal world, is posing a threat to Lithuania’s national security. About all that in a show “In the Centre of Attention” an interview with Member of the Parliament M. Bastys himself, reported.

– Mr Bastys, maybe it is worth thinking already about the withdrawal from the Parliament?

– Why?

– After the conclusions impeachment commission will begin their work. Polls showed that the Farmers and the Greens representatives also supported this position. You do not have a lot of chances to remain a member of the Parliament.

– First of all, I would like to state that this is a political crackdown, human rights were violated. It is already a clear charge under the Criminal Code. I have a legitimate question as to why the General Prosecutor’s Office has taken no action since 2012 or earlier?

– They did not take any action against whom?

– Against me, against those people, citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, who are named in this statement. Why to this day there were no actions? The National Security and Defence Committee says it has already taken action.

– In part you are right. The expression “acted against the interests of the Republic of Lithuania” is a criminal wording. Here, article 118 of the Lithuanian Republics Criminal Code. “A person, who assists another country to act against the Lithuanian Republic” it reads: “A person, who has helped another state or organization to act against the Republic of Lithuania – the constitutional order, sovereignty, territorial integrity, defence or economic power, shall be punished by imprisonment of up to seven years.” So NSGK formulate criminal charges against you, so there, it is logical to assume, should be at least a preliminary investigation?

– I think that such an investigation has been necessary if what is said were true. In fact, it was not and could not be. First of all, regarding constant communication with “Rosatom” representatives. Professor Kostin, at least to my knowledge has no contract with “Rosatom”. Is he a “Rosatom” representative or a Lithuanian citizen, perhaps having some interest. R. Juknevičienė who is a colleague said that I lied, but if I do not remember it, then I say that I do not remember.

– Mr Bastys, how can you elude a documented meeting with the Lithuanian State Security Department (VSD) official, which is a warning?

– I think that in this the investigation should be deeper.

– But you do agree that such meetings are remembered for a lifetime?

– If I’m telling you that I do not remember, then I don’t remember. If you remembered it, then I would say that.

– Are there a lot of important things that you cannot remember?

– I cannot say that I do not remember a lot of things. Why am I being accused of lying? Even when it comes to professors Kostin, no one says that he could be some kind of KGB or the like. Even worse, it is said that his father had worked for the KGB and the son have to answer for it. It is altogether incomprehensible.

– I’m talking about things that are publicly known, here Wednesday, the VSD certificate which is available to BNS news agency reads: “In “Rosatom” the plans to establish in Lithuania former KGB operative in Lithuania Kęstutis Puidokas, Piotras Vojeika, and a close friend of the latter, a business partner Jevgenijus Kostinas were included. The latter, through by using his relationship with Mindaugas Bastys tried to get close to the Social Democrats, the Social Democrats tried to get closer to the top and secure the favor of Algirdas Butkevičius. ” Aleksandras Mertinas who is a “Rosatom” worker is mentioned as well, etc.

– A. Mertinas presents himself as a “Rosatom” representative, he had several business meetings. One of them is with the Chairman of the Parliament Vydas Gedvilas. Basically, A. Mertinas presented their plans for what they are doing, what you are planning and what they want.

– Mr Bastys, but you are a member of the Lithuanian Parliament, a Lithuanian. Why are you trying for “Rosatom”?

– “Rosatom” is the owner of “Nukem”. After many conversation with Kostin and Mertin, he introduced one of the problematic issues – the question of Ignalina NPP (Nuclear Power Plant). It seriously and sincerely convinced me that the issue really needs a meeting with the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister was not ready for such a meeting and it took place, it seems, only in February and not because of me. The meeting with the Chairman of the Parliament took place the Parliament, not in hiding, only that it was in evening. Is there a problem?

– The problem is that you have given an oath to defend the interests of the Republic of Lithuania, from the information that is publicly known, many people may get the impression that you are not defending these public interests?

– Tell me, why the Government of the Republic of Lithuania led by Algirdas Butkevičius successfully made a connection with Sweden in 2015, as was planned. I am talking about the result.

– Is this your defence? You say that despite your consistent efforts a connection with Sweden was still accomplished?

– It says that there was some efforts. No. What other efforts?

– You did not necessarily have to succeed.

– What was supposed to succeed? My main objective and a sincere goal is that the problem would be solved regarding the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant. It was clearly told to me that the longer the dispute will continue, the longer it will take to normally close the IAE, the more we risk to pay – taxpayers or from the budget, rather than the European Commission. Why VSD as the main subject matter provided that I have something a to gain? The results are completely different. IAE is successfully in action, link with Sweden is successfully completed, with Poland much more complicated. But where is the problem?

– In this case, the allegations of your operation against the Lithuanian state. You do not necessarily have to succeed, but the question is what you intended to do?

– I have already said my essential goal. What Mertin said, yes, of course, “Rosatom” has its own strategic objectives. But it is obvious that they do not coincide with the strategic objectives of Lithuania.

– “Nukem” is closing Ignalina. Mr. Mertin is not closing power plants, he builds them. These are two different things.

– Then why was Mertin involved in solving the issue of Ignalina IAE closure. Why is it then that h was involved?

– So maybe you can answer?

– I really cannot. You should ask him.

– Mr Bastys, you communicated with the Russian special services officers. This is also testified by NSGK members, who have received evidence from the VSD. You know that they are secret police?

– Yes.

– Now you can already trace that those people were the secret police?

– To this day I do not have that information. It is very good that the VSD is more representative of the people that I’m sure I would know.

– You hearing the objections still cannot remember these people?

– One photograph of a person was shown to me at VSD. From visual memory, I seem to remember that I have ever communicated with the man, or talk, but I do not remember even the name or surname.

– When were you showed those pictures?

– 2017. This year.

– It has already been in the context of this investigation?

– Not in the context of this investigation. Two workers of VSD have come to the Parliament, once one and the other – the other. I was just shown a photograph and asked if I knew such a person. This I could not identify, neither his name nor the surname. As far as my memory allows to remember I did meet the person once or twice. If I understood correctly from photos I realized that it is the same person. But to this day I do not know who he is.

– How do you meet with people you do not know?

– MPs have a lot of meetings.

– This is not Petras Petraitis. This is a Russian officer, KGB. Do you meet with them on a daily basis?

– You say that it is Russian, KGB. There can be no ethnic discrimination. KGB or not, he does not have it written on the face.

– The Chairman of the NSGK expressed said that you were recruited entirely in a classical way. First of all, with a good relationship and small requests. First, help us clean up Russian graves then help get visas for some people, etc. Then comes the larger affairs, etc. Do you agree with the fact that it was a classic recruitment scheme?

– To this day I do not know whether or not classical, recruitment or not. If VSD oversees our entire space, they had a long time to warn me.

– So you’ve been warned. If after the warning you continued to act, it treats you as a traitor of the homeland, only gathering information.

– It’s a pity that I do not remember specifically a warning that is for this or that person.

– But maybe you do remember it vaguely?

– If I did then i would say it. Thinking logically, if they were told not to communicate with a professor Kostin or Vojeika …

– But you do not know whether they said, because you cannot remember the meeting.

– I remember very well when in 2017 I spoke with the director and staff of the VSD, which again was repeated not to communicate with someone. And I am keeping with the agreement.

– A little more of the reasons. Maybe 10-12 years ago you had any financial problems, debt, credit, etc.?

– I created the foundation of my life before politics, working in the business. The first loan was taken, maybe in 2003 or 2004, I do not remember exactly. Today, I am committed to the bank, I have credit. Before politics I did not even have credit.

– Maybe you did not have a stable income?

– Before politics I had a normal, stable income. All my assets were declared, that can be verified.

– How does it seem to you, how will the impeachment commission vote?

– If this is a political decision, as here …

– Parliament is a political body. The real solution with much more serious consequences can be taken into court.

– Such decisions, which are made, are associated with the criminal law. Such things cannot be a joke. Definitely it is not a matter for the Committee to engage in a criminal prosecution. It is obvious charged with a criminal offense which can be punished with up to 7 years. This is very serious here.

– What will determine your decision to go all the way to the end or refuse the mandate?

– It will depend on the decision of the Constitutional Court.

– In other words, if the impeachment procedure will go so that the Constitutional Court’s will be asked for findings, if you get it, will you not wait for the whole Parliament to vote?

– Yes.

– With each passing day you are sinking the Social Democratic party more and more. Do you agree?

– I have suspended the party membership.

– But everyone knows that you have been a Social Democrat for many years.

– In my beliefs I am a Social Democrat, but today I have a suspended membership.

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