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If you have been dating for such a long time, you are probably familiar with your girlfriend’s tastes. And choosing a gift for her will not be a problem for you. All girls like surprises and wait for them when the important date is approaching. You will notice this especially accurately when dating Ukrainian girls. Sometimes it seems that your beloved already has everything she needs, and you managed to buy her jewelry, a new phone, and lots of dresses throughout the years of living together. For those who have run out of ideas, we have prepared unusual ideas that will work for most girls.

● The Place Matters

Even not the most successful present will appear to be perfect if you hand it unusually. Let your chosen one understand that she still means a lot to you. Presenting an anniversary surprise will become more memorable in a new, exciting setting.

-After four years of relationships, you can arrange, for example, a photoshoot in the park, spend time together in nature by the lake, and have a professional catch those romantic moments with a camera.

-To make feelings flare up with the same strength — confess your love to your beloved in an unusual way — sing a serenade under the window, take a boat ride, and write a beautiful love poem.

-Even if you live together, you can always find ways to prepare a surprise for her. Place the candles in the shape of a heart, turn off the lights, and invite her to a candlelit dinner. Present the main gift at the end of the evening, and your woman will remember this moment forever.

-Rent a car or decorate yours with balloons — invite your beloved to drive around the city at night.

Take a trip to your dream destination. The main thing is to be spontaneous and think through all the details in advance. Do not make your girlfriend anxious on such an important day. Show her how much she means to you.

● Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you want not only to please your woman but also surprise her, the following ideas are what you need:

Instant print camera

A gift for people who like to save different happy moments from life, and then come back to them again. All you need to do is take a photo, and the device will immediately print a small picture on a film card. You can then gift these polaroids to someone, past them into an album, or hang on the refrigerator. Some instant camera models even automatically adjust exposure and light sensitivity. You do not have to worry about the setting — just take a photo and wave the card to see the picture.

Dream Catcher

Another original idea of what to give a woman for an anniversary is a dream catcher. The amulet first appeared in the Indian settlements of North America, and the inhabitants of Siberia also caught these traditions. The amulet aims to protect its owner from nightmares — for this, you need to hang it at the head

of the bed, but many use the dream catcher as an unusual interior decoration. You can make it yourself or order a custom one made for your beloved.

Jewelry box

As a rule, these boxes consist of several small compartments for various kinds of accessories. It is better if such a box has a simple lock and is firm enough to keep the accessories from breaking if the box falls. This gift will come in handy if you often buy your girlfriend jewelry, and she now has too much of it to store all the pieces separately.


It is a dressing table with a large mirror that you may have seen in fancy movies about celebrities and princesses. It usually has a rectangular shape with small bulbs around the perimeter of a mirror. The vanity looks very impressive and luxurious and gives its owner some additional status and charm. You can order this piece of furniture to have it custom made for your bedroom. This way, you will surely complete one of your girlfriend’s childhood dreams.

Designer bag

Bags and designer clothes are always a good idea. What a girl doesn’t dream of a Chanel bag? If your budget allows you to spend a little more on your gift, treat your significant other to a quality leather bag. This item will not only please her for one moment but raise in price with the time and become a rare piece in her collection.

Rose in a vacuum

Flowers are a classic gift for women, and you should preferably present them without reason. They are a must for an important event, especially if your woman loves to receive beautiful bouquets from you. However, you can make the gift more creative — buy a rose in a vacuum. As a rule, this is a flower on a stand placed in a glass box and vacuum sealed. Thanks to special packaging, the flower will remain in its original form for many years. The gift is symbolic — it is a hint that your love, like this rose, will never fade.

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