Businesses tell president new labour code is good for Lithuania

Dalia Grybauskaitė

Lithuanian business organizations have told Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė that the new Labour Code will bring many positive changes to Lithuania‘s economy.

Businesses say that the newly established flexible working relationships will provide Lithuania with a solid foundation and will allow the country to respond appropriately to the challenges of the global economy.

“Employee surveys show that as many as 74% want the ability to work under a flexible work schedule, and 78.8% of the Lithuanian population would agree to work in seasonal or temporary work, if it would allow them to make some money,” said employers and business representatives in an appeal to the president.

In terms of employment relationship flexibility Lithuania ranks 102nd in the World Economic Forum’s ranking with Latvia in 32nd place and Estonia in 13th place.

Businesses said that the new provisions in the labour code: increased variety of labour contracts (project work and fixed term employment contracts), flexible working hours and rest time (accounting of overtime and working time), simplified hiring and firing procedures – will increase Lithuania’s competitiveness and economic growth and encourage creation of new jobs.

Business representatives believe that with more freedom they will be able to create more jobs and raise Lithuania‘s position in the World Economic Forum’s ranking table.

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