Call for applications for the Vilnius Young Leaders Meeting

1st Vilnius Young Leaders Meeting

The VYLM aims to foster expertise and cooperation among a new generation of Estonian, Belarusian, Georgian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Moldovan, Russian, and Ukrainian professionals. At a time when disinformation campaigns target the Baltic states and Eastern Partnership countries, the exchange of best practices on how to counter misleading information and fake news is taking place – but generally in closed circles and with only limited involvement of Russian counterparts. The VYLM seeks to gather a wide group of accomplished and motivated young leaders willing to share experiences, gain new analytical and communication skills, and – most importantly – approach propaganda and disinformation-related problems in a regional way in cooperation with fellow VYLM participants.

During four-day program, the VYLM participants will have private, off-the-record sessions with media and communication practitioners and political analysts from Sweden, the Baltic states, Russia, and the broader region. Such exchange of views, knowledge and experiences will lead to acquiring new abilities to scrutinize media content in their respective countries and developing an understanding of how the same events can be perceived differently even in societies that to some extent share a common history, values, traditions, and even language. It is our expectation that participants will be able to apply their newly gained knowledge, tools, and contacts in their further professional activities – thereby contributing to increased transparency and accuracy in media reporting, analysis, and research.

The call is open by August 31, 2017. Please see more about the VYLM, including the application form in English here and in Russian here.

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