Call for higher qualifications for teachers in Lithuanian schools

School children
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A new report by the National School Evaluation Agency has found that the quality of school classes in Lithuania is only average leading to calls for a higher education requirement for all teachers.

“We must insist that the teachers need a master’s degree. 17 countries in Europe require it. Only a minority allow teachers to work with a lower level of education. Post-graduate placement is also needed,” said the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences Educational Sciences Faculty Dean Assoc. dr. Alvyra Galkienė.

On average, lessons in Lithuanian schools scored an average of 2.5/4 points. The best quality lessons were prepared by teachers with 21-30 years of teaching experience.

Given the importance of the teacher in pupil‘s performance, a new project for the teachers’ qualification change is being created. The idea is to extend the length of teachers training for up to five years, awarding teachers a master’s degree and to include more didactic disciplines.

More than half of the senior school teachers‘ classes are evaluated poorly, and nearly half of the classes that are led by teachers without category are ranked above average.

The most successful are teachers with 21-30 years of teaching experience and the worst lessons are given by teachers working for more than 41 years.

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