CERN to discuss Lithuania associate membership during visit

Asmeninio albumo nuotr.

Experts from CERN are visiting Lithuania this week to discuss the prospects for Lithuania of becoming an associate member of CERN.

“Lithuanian associate membership in CERN has to be seen in perspective. If it is currently believed that it is a huge cost, then after several years of rapid development of technology and strengthening of the competitive battle for talent, most of us will raise the question: why have not we done this before? ” said the Vice Minister of Education and Science Svetlana Kauzonienė.

Lithuania’s application to become an associate member of CERN will be judged on three main criteria: the government’s commitment to support membership, particle physics research potential and the industrial capacity to participate in the projects of CERN.

Lithuania and CERN collaboration began in 2004 when an agreement was signed on the Lithuanian authorities participation in CERN high energy particle physics experiments.


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