Changes to the Basketball Champions League: a promising year for the sport

Basketball is a sport that has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years with the NBA and the development of the smaller leagues. But with the target audience being majority tailored to US audiences, it is the European league that is seeing a vast amount of growth at this time. However, with recent signings in the Basketball Champions League and the signings for US broadcasters, this is a promising year for the sport as a whole.

Expansion Of The Basketball Champions League

The basketball champions league has seen a vast amount of success over the years across a wide range of teams. Their aim has been simple, provide a great international league for basketball in Europe based on results and merit. They have certainly achieved this over the years but with the signing of three major teams, the new season is looking to be one of the best yet. The three most recent signings are Darüssafaka from Turkey, RETAbet Bilbao from Spain and Rytas Vilnius from Lithuania. Each of these teams has seen success in their respective leagues, but will they be as strong in the Basketball Champions League? Only time will tell.  

The Joint Partnership For The Spanish Side

One of the biggest signings of the league is, of course, the RETAbet Bilbao signing. This Spanish side has seen a huge amount of success. With an experienced team that is currently sitting at 5th in the standings in their own league, this is a signing that is set to present a new challenge for the side. However, this is a 50/50 partnership with the international basketball federation as well as 11 top European Leagues. This has been a huge amount of success since reaching the ACB playoffs making them one of the favourites for the season at this time. With an average of 82.9 points per game this season so far, this is a team that is looking promising as they head into this new season and with the experience of playing against some of the world’s best teams, the team could do well in the upcoming season.

A New Challenge For The 5 Time Lithuanian Champions

In addition to the signing of the Spanish side, the signing of the Lithuanian Eurocup side is an interesting mixture to have in the league. With a total of five championships to their name, this team is an interesting mix for the league. With all three teams bringing their own fans to every game, this is set to be a huge signing for the league. This is an amazing opportunity for all teams involved helping to push the progression of the league as well as providing new betting opportunities for fans of the Lithuanian side. Since setting a season-high in 2019 and outstanding performance in the season thus far, this is the next step for a team that has progressed from the Euroleague to the Eurocup to the Basketball champions league.

What Could The GCBH LP Mean For The Future Of The League  

In addition to the signing of brand-new teams, there has also been a vast amount of progression in televising the league and bringing it to more fans on an international scale. As part of the 50/50 split with FIBA, the championship basketball league can boost exposure in the form of the GCBH LP. This partnership with US television provides new and exciting opportunities as well as knowledge for the league. As they head into the fifth season the Basketball Champions League will able to capitalise on this and make the games better than ever before. This expertise can also be used to revamp the intercontinental cup which brings together the FIBA continental competitions and the winners of the NBA G-league. This is set to be a huge step in the right direction for a league that is rapidly expanding, allowing for new and exciting games to be played against some of the best from a majority of the major leagues at this level.

Whether you are a fan of these basketball games or you are new to the league, there is no denying that we are set to see a huge array of the leagues best battling it out in the upcoming 2020-21 season? Will you be tuning in to watch?

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