Cheaper dairies produced for Russia flood Lithuanian stores

DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

“As of today (Wednesday – ELTA), Maxima XX and Maxima XXX stores will provide their consumers with cottage cheese that was intended for the Russian market and has been produced by Pieno Žvaigždės. Tomorrow (Thursday – ELTA), production of Vilkysškių Pieninė such as yogurts, yogurt drinks, sour cream, cottage cheese and so on will reach the stores, while next week the range of dairy products will be supplemented by the production of Rokiškio Pienas, which was intended for Russia‘s market,” Milda Januškevičienė, representative of retail company Maxima, told news agency ELTA on Wednesday.

According to her, it is planned to sell these dairy products within a week.

“Of course, it will depend on the demand for these products, which, to remember last autumn, was actually very high. These products will become even more attractive by discounts, which will be about 20-25 percent,” said Januškevičienė.

According to Darius Ryliškis, Spokesperson for retail company Norfa, surplus production will reach some of the company’s stores in Vilnius Wednesday evening, while it will reach the rest of the stores on Thursday.

“These will be products of Pieno Žvaigždės and Vilkyškių Pieninė,” said Ryliškis. According to him, these products will be sold at a 30-percent discount.

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