Conservatives ‘in identity crisis’ as Labour party promotes new leader

Conservative leader Gabrielius Landsbergis
DELFI / Orestas Gurevičius

Public relations expert Linas Kontrimas claims that the conservatives are still in an identity crisis.

“It is nothing new that the Christian Democrats do not get the same exposure as the Homeland Union does. And they call themselves conservatives informally, although that word is long gone from the title. It would be logical, if they listened to the voters’ opinion and would change their name to Lithuanian Conservative Party,” said Kontrimas.

However, political scientist Lauras Bielinis said that the Conservatives are trying to change and their slogans will reflect the changes that are happening in the party.

“It is not about a new project for Lithuania, but a new project for the party, the creation of a new structure. This is a reflection of the organizational changes in the party: the new leader and new people around him,” said Bielinis.

Meanwhile, the Labour Party is promoting a new party leader Valentinas Mazuronis but it also faces challenges given his previous leadership role in the Order and Justice Party.

“Mazuronis has been elected to the European Parliament as a member of the Order and Justice party, and worked in the Government as their minister so there is some confusion [among voters] and people are raising questions,” said Kontrimas.

The Labour party is the first to really hit the campaign trail promoting their new image and leader in posters across Lithuanian cities, with the Conservatives following them with promotional videos trying to advertise to the Lithuanian electorate that their party has changed.

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