Conservatives will be in ruling bloc – Landsbergis

Dainius Kreivys, Gabrielius Landsbergis
DELFI / Andrius Ufartas

“In our opinion, we will be in the new ruling coalition,” Landsbergis told a news conference organized in Vilnius by BNS on Monday.

In his words, the belief is due to the conversations that are taking place with the Liberal Movement and the election results.

He did not rule out that the conservatives would support candidates of not only the Liberal Movement but also the Peasant and Green Union in certain single-member districts in the second round in two weeks.

Landsbergis also said that a coalition with the Peasant and Green Union and the Liberals was a possibility.

“As to the programs, the Homeland Union and the Peasant and Green Union share positions in very many aspects, when it comes to taxes, institutional restructuring and education. Speaking about the Liberals, there are a few aspects, which are not entirely clear to me (…) but they are not critical points,” said the conservatives’ leader.

In his words, another advantage lies in the work together with the Liberal Movement in the government and in the parliament in the 2008–2012 period.

In comment of the possibility to form coalition with the current ruling Social Democrats, Landsbergis said it would be hard for him to image working together with the left-wing party.

Asked about his readiness to take the post of prime minister, he replied he was ready.

Dainius Kreivys, the head of the conservatives’ election bureau, said the party had executed the tasks the party set for itself before the elections.

“We are happy with the election result and the number of votes we got in multi-member voting. 265,000 votes is one of the best results in the election history of the Homeland Union,” he told the news conference on Monday.

According to preliminary results provided by the election watchdog, the conservatives were supported by 268,000 voters or 21.5 percent of the electorate, ranking second so far.

The second round of the elections is scheduled for October 23.

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