Experts assess whether ministers will change in 2022: only one can feel safe

The government ship, tossed to and fro by various crises, is sailing into 2022 with the same crew it left port with. Not a single member has changed in the first year of Ingrida Šimonytė’s […]


On Nausėda’s controversial step: sacrificing the country’s image in the name of popularity

President Gitanas Nausėda’s decision to stand with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who faces criticism from the majority of European Union states, has been described by political experts as not in line with Lithuanian interests […]

Foreign affairs

Polish and Lithuanian relations at a crossroads: both positive and negative aspects of the new government

On November 11, neighbouring Poland marked its Independence Day. Just like Lithuania, the neighbouring country reclaimed its independence in 1918, but Polish-Lithuanian relations have varied greatly, Viktorija Rimaitė wrote in lrytas.lt. While it is recognised […]

Saulius Skvernelis

Opposition presents a surprise to Skvernelis: PM describes the proposal as anti-constitutional

With the Ministry of Environment remaining without a head for more than three months now, the opposition Social Democratic Seimas group is proposing to legally bind the prime minister to find a minister in 15 days. This has also received support from the Conservatives, however PM Saulius Skvernelis has described the proposal as anti-constitutional. […]