DELFI subjected to cyber attacks

DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

According to the portal, hackers were attacking one particular story, “New names in president’s team”, which receives many artificial inquiries.

“It is clearly a DDoS attack. There were connections from various countries, namely, Turkey, Russia, Japan and Brazil. The computers are connected in the so-called botnet. So far, we have been able to resist it, let’s hope readers do not face any difficulties,” DELFI IT chief Kristijonas Šiaulys said.

“I do not think the timing of the attack against DELFI was a random choice. Today, DELFI provides a live broadcast of Obama’s visit in Estonia and covers it in six languages in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia,” DELFI Lithuanian office editor-in-chief Monika Garbačiauskaite-Budrienė added.

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