Direct mayoral elections in Lithuania may lead to disappointment, political scientists say

Mayor of Kaunas Andrius Kupčinskas
DELFI (R.Achmedovo nuotr.)

The fears were stated at the annual discussion of political scientists of Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas on Friday. The focus this year is Lithuania’s first direct mayoral elections to be held next March.

Political scientist Antanas Kulakauskas said that, although the direct mayoral elections were introduced in the wake of the population’s discontent, an elected mayor without actual powers as an executive authority may cause disappointment in the future.

“The nation’s disappointment in the current situation is too big. However, if nothing is done and we remain at the first step, the disappointment will continue. The current hybrid mayor of the transitional period – an administration that is half-executive and half-representative – will not be able to solve many issues,” Kulakauskas said in the discussion.

His opinion was seconded by Kaunas City Mayor Andrius Kupčinskas who greeted the participants. Kupčinskas said the mayoral elections would be merely “a different election of one council member”.

Lithuania will hold the first direct mayoral elections on 1 March next year.

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