ELECTIONS. Krivickas – satisfied despite losing

Naglis Puteikis ir Kristupas Krivickas
DELFI / Andrius Ufartas

“We passed significant political entities like the Polish Electoral Action, Order and Justice, Labour Party, Artūras Zuokas’ party, a case where it was clear there was a vast budget in use,” stated Krivickas.
According to him they started their movement in late spring, with the coalition itself only being registered on August 5 and formally approved on the 16th alfa.lt reported.

“We had a month and a half for campaigning and managed to reach this result, which has me being invited to various television interviews. It would appear that analysts and journalists have acknowledged that we had achieved good results,” the rookie politician expresses confidence.

Krivickas believes that his coalition struck a greater blow against political corruption in one night than others have over four years. “The votes that would earlier go to Order and Justice or Labour, they ended up with us,” spoke Krivickas.

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