ELECTIONS. Major parties probing “Peasants” regarding coalition opportunities

Saulius Skvernelis and Ramūnas Karbauskis
DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

While the Lithuanian Peasant and Greens Union (LVŽS) is not expected to receive the most votes in the upcoming Seimas election, it is seen as a likely partner in whatever coalition government will arise following the elections. The LVŽS Chairman Ramūnas Karbauskis points out that despite a number of rumours of coalition negotiations, it is simply rumours being spread by the two largest parties in Lithuania, the Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats (TS-LKD) and Lithuanian Social Democrat Party (LSDP).

“I have not spoken to representatives of other parties, because no-one would speak with me about it right now, even if I would very much like to. Nevertheless I speak with everyone I encounter. Today I saw conservative Mantas Adomėnas and cabinet Chancellor Alminas Mačiulis. I think that the rumours of us negotiation with the Conservatives are being spread by the Social Democrats and the rumours of us negotiating with the Social Democrats – by the Conservatives. They do so out of a fear of us attracting their voters,” Ramūnas Karbauskis told LRT.lt, stating that the only ones he has spoken with about coalition forming were journalists. Similarly Karbauskis’ right hand man, former Minister of Interior Saulius Skvernelis pointed out that he has many meetings with the leaders of various key parties, but that up until the first round of the elections there will be no serious negotiations.

Experienced Social Democrat Gediminas Kirkilas noted that they intend to negotiate with the “Peasants” next week and claimed having heard rumours of the Conservatives negotiating with the LVŽS as well, albeit stated he cannot quite prove it. According to him the most realistic time for genuine negotiations will most likely be the night of the first round of elections.

The Conservatives also deny negotiations, with senior party member Jurgis Razma claiming that no party is currently undertaking any sort of authoritative negotiations, instead it is a time of probing for one another’s moods. He did not rule out negotiations with the LVŽS, but similarly to Kirkilas said that results will only appear on the night of the first round of elections. He noted that both the LSDP and TS-LKD want a leading role in the next coalition government, so a “rainbow coalition” between the two major parties is unlikely.

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