EP to address problems of Lithuanian carriers

European Parliament in Strasbourg
DELFI (J.Kiško nuotr.)

MEPs will deal with the carriers’ problems on 9 March, during a plenary session in Strasbourg.

“I am very happy that our requests to discuss the current situation and invite representatives of the European Commission (EC) were taken into consideration. The EC representatives should investigate whether Germany’s new requirements to carriers from other member-states are compatible with EU law. Also, I am very pleased that the agenda will include some items which are very important to Lithuanian carriers when it comes to Russia’s sanctions against transport companies. It is obvious that the issues of financial support to businesses which have suffered from sanctions should be decided upon much faster,” MEP Mazuronis says.

The new German legislation stipulates that the minimum hourly wage of a worker operating in Germany has to be no less than EUR 8.5. The rule is applied not only to people residing in Germany but also to employees or employers who do not live there, for example, road carriers who have to cross the country.

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