European Union

Panic at the chancellery

This is not a quarrel. Nor is it just one of those frequent moments in the Franco-German relationship when everything seizes up because the president has not yet adapted to the new chancellor or vice […]

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Central/Eastern Europe

German Ambassador Matthias Sonn: “Germany’s efforts remain publicly underrated”

On June 7, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will visit Lithuania. His visit will focus on negotiations for more NATO presence in the country. German Ambassador Matthias Sonn spoke to Lithuania Tribune in advance about the […]

Foreign affairs

(Non)Lithuanian foreign policy accents on the other side of the new year

Following the end of the year, three foreign policy events would be good to discuss, having one way or another been significant to Lithuanian interests. By my subjective evaluation, they have been insufficiently showcased to […]

Emmanuel Macron, Vladimir Putin

The French President’ Munich 1938

In the tradition of European historical memory of the 20th century, the mention of Munich reminds us of the 1938 agreements between Germany, France, and Britain on the future of Czechoslovakia. It is symbolic that […]