Central/Eastern Europe

Entering the second year of the Russian invasion at the same crossroads

This is a story for an indefinite period, and its outcome is entirely uncertain. So the most important thing is not to overreact, Vytautas Bruveris writing on lrytas.lt news portal. This is how one can […]

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Foreign affairs

Russia’s influence behind the scenes in the European Union: Lithuania and pressure on transit

The European Commission (EC) is reconsidering the issue of transit to Kaliningrad because Russia has managed to “entangle” Lithuania behind the scenes in the European Union (EU) and to influence Community clerics, who in turn […]

The European Commission Building
European Union

From Franco-German motor to German-French condominium over the EU. A brief chronicle of the European Union’s Pétainisation

After the glory days of the Franco-German couple under Giscard and Schmidt and, in a more ambiguous mode, under Kohl-Mitterrand – this time is driven by events more than by any real ambition – the […]

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MP Kasčiūnas: ‘We must strive for the status of the main US ally in the region’

Laurynas Kasčiūnas, Deputy Chair of the Seimas Committee on National Security and Defence, addressed Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius and National Defence Minister Raimundas Karoblis, proposing to establish a strategic partnership with the United States in […]