Equipment of German battalion arriving in Lithuania

German tanks in Lithuania
Romas Sadauskas-Kvietkevičius

About 60 pieces of various types of military equipment will be stationed in Rukla.

A train with 30 German infantry fighting vehicles Marder, six heavy battle tanks Leopard 2 and six armored repairs and evacuation machines will arrive in the Šeštokai railway station before proceeding to Rukla, central Lithuania.

The train will bring all the planned combat equipment – up until now, the battalion only received the gear needed for logistics and staff, including a few non-combat armored vehicles Boxer.

The German-led battalion is one of NATO‘s four combat groups being deployed in the Baltic states and Poland. The battalion in Estonia will be headed by the United Kingdom, while those in Latvia and Poland will be led by Canada and the United States, respectively.

About 300 of the planned 450 German troops are already in Rukla, central Lithuania, who will be joined by forces of Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, France and Croatia.

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