EU Ambassador Ušackas: Lithuania should compete for capital leaving Russia

Vygaudas Ušackas
A.Solomino nuotr.

“I believe we should be concerned with getting a large slice of the capital that is being withdrawn from Russia,” the Verslo Žinios daily cited Ušackas, a Lithuanian diplomat, as saying.

In his words, Lithuanian institutions and special services should make sure that the investments from Russia are “not used to interfere with domestic policies or for some political orders”: “Clearly, the uncertainty, economy, crises, political tensions and the vague legal system is causing capital to leave Russia. However, the capital should meet a clear condition, which we should strictly follow: Russian investors should abide by the same rules that apply to all investors (…). The state of Lithuania exists to deter the threats, there are relevant institutions and special services to prevent this.”

In Ušackas’ words, 140.6 billion euros worth of capital was withdrawn from Russia last year, with a record-size capital leak expected this year.

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