EU regulations rein in on tobacco sales

A new set of regulations coming into effect on September 20 will put more restrictions on the sale of tobacco used for rolling cigarettes.

Retailers will be barred from selling flavoured tobacco as per an EU directive approved in 2014.

By 2020, flavoured cigarettes will be banned in the EU, as will the sale of scented tobacco.

New tobacco product marking regulations will be put in place on September 20 as well. The regulations require tobacco products to have large warnings on them that take up 65% of the package with images and warnings on both sides. Cigarette packages have been marked like this for some time now, but not rolled tobacco.

The regulatory changes are intended to cut smoking in the EU and are expected to result in the number of smokers going down 2% over the next five years. Around 700,000 EU citizens die from smoking-related diseases every year and another 13 million suffer from smoking-linked chronic conditions.

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