Farmers give out free milk in centre of Vilnius in protest

DELFI / Karolina Pansevič

The campaign is aimed at highlighting the low prices that farmers are receiving for their milk from processors retailers and is being organised by Lithuanian farmer‘s co-ops.

Kooperacijos kelias is hoping to highlight for consumers how the final milk price is divied up up between farmers, milk processors and retailers, and to join the campaign for farmers to get a higher price for their product by taking a litre of milk for free.

Coordinator of the initiative, chairman of the board of the Lithuanian agricultural cooperative association Kooperacijos kelias Jūratė Dovydėnienė said that this is to send a message to consumers that Lithuanian milk producers are getting state supports but are still struggling.

Farmers also took to the streets of Rokiškis and Plungė to distribute free milk yesterday.

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