As milk becomes cheaper than water, cows begin “emigrating” from Lithuania

In Lithuanian retail centres, a litre of milk can now often be bought for less than a litre of water. According to Lithuanian farmers, this has even led to livestock “emigration.” […]

European Union

EU will not extend milk quotas, Lithuanian PM says

Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius says it is unrealistic to expect that European milk quota regime will be extended, but Lithuanian farmers can expect greater direct payments in the future. […]

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Milk price drops 20 percent

Indicated milk price in the European market decreased even more, it is the lowest it has been for 18 months. On 31 July, milk price stood at LTL 1,19 (EUR 0,35) per 1 kilogram. It is by LTL 0.03 (EUR 0.01) less than one week ago. […]