Five American Abrams tanks to be deployed in Lithuania

“A company-size unit will be deployed in Lithuania, consisting of one tank squad and two squads of Stryker armored fighting vehicles with combat support units, around 20 vehicles in total, including five Adams tanks,” the ministry told BNS.

Just as previous equipment, the new equipment will be stationed at Lithuanian Duke Vaidotas Mechanized Infantry Battalion in Rukla, central Lithuania.

“By ending heavy weaponry for training in Lithuania, the United States is demonstrating its strong commitment to contribute to ensuring security of Lithuania and the Baltic states. This equipment will give Lithuanian troops an opportunity to learn, train and get ready to act within various types of allied units – from infantry to tanks,” the ministry’s Communication and Public Relations Department said.

The ministry published this information after the largest ever shipment of military equipment from the United States arrived in the port of Riga on Monday as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve.

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