Ramūnas Bogdanas

R. Bogdanas. Klaipėda and aggression on the Kerch straits

To sit down with the US president and split the world – this is V. Putin’s great dream. A 20 minute long talk was to be held between the two leaders in Buenos Aires during a G-20 meeting and after – two hour negotiations including delegations. All that remains of this is one question that D. Trump posed to V. Putin as he was walking. This question was not about Syria, not about intermediate distance rockets. It was about the attack on Ukrainians on Kerch straits. […]

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Lithuania gets EUR 1.6 mln in EU finding to promote mead, sparkling wine in China, US

Lithuania has received 1.6 million euros in funding from the European Union for the promotion of Lithuanian mead and sparkling wine in China and the United States as the EU wants to promote European food products in Europe and the world. […]

President Valdas Adamkus International Conference 2018
Foreign affairs

European, US politicians, diplomats, in Vilnius, call for strengthening transatlantic ties

European and US politicians and diplomats, in Vilnius for an international conference, on Wednesday underlined the need for strengthening transatlantic ties in the face of security and economic challenges from Russia and China. […]

Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump
Foreign affairs

Lithuanian president concerned about Trump-Putin meeting

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė says she is concerned about the upcoming meeting between US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. […]

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Putin is within easy reach of the Achilles’ heel of NATO

It is now literally just a matter of months before Putin‘s Russia could shake the foundations of NATO and the security structure of Europe. Moreover, Putin may have the opportunity to do this with elegance, with simplicity and in perfect legality. The possible gains for Russia far outweigh any reason for restraint. All signs indicate that Kremlin strategists have long been aware of the opportunity, and have been actively working to seize it. The groundwork is ongoing and plain to see. In autumn of this year, politicians loyal to the Kremlin will be in a position, formally and legally, to take political control of the central Baltic State – Latvia. The next step would be technically simple – a newly elected government, beholden to Moscow, would withdraw Latvia from NATO. And this would change everything far more profoundly than we might imagine. […]

The Kremlin

Ž. Pavilionis and D.J. Kramer: The folly of dialogue with Kremlin

French President Emmanuel Macron and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe were among the leading figures attending the recent St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, at which they met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Russian leader traveled to Vienna this week to meet with Austria’s leadership. And media reports indicate that President Donald Trump is interested in hosting Putin in Washington in the near future. There almost seems to be a race in engaging with Putin, including in Lithuania. […]