Foreign Minister sees positive signs in Belarus’ parliamentary elections

Elections in Belarus
Reuters / Scanpix

“By conventional standards, we could not say that the elections fully met the expectations, but on the other hand, we would be wrong to not see any positive signs,” he told BNS on Monday.

Linkevičius noted that two opposition candidates had won seats in Belarus’ parliamentary for the first time in many years. The opposition was allowed more freedom in presenting its position in the run-up to the elections, he said.

“We cannot expect that these changes are crucial or mark a turning point that would transform the political system, but it is important for us that there are movements forward rather than going back to repressions,” the minister said.

“It would be too strong to congratulate or rejoice, but we see certain efforts,” he said.

Belarus’ Central Election Commission said on Monday that two opposition candidates had been elected to the parliament in Sunday’s elections.

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